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Nádja Chagas asked 7 months ago

Last updated on January 17th, 2018 at 06:24 am

It is stated that my payment was sent on 02-07-2017, amount of 24726 satoshis, but to date is not in my wallet, nor did I receive the deposit email.
Please, if possible I would like to receive a return,
Thank you in advance and I count on your collaboration,
Thank you,

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Zsofia Elek answered 7 months ago

Hi Nadja,
Bitcoin payments require a certain amount of confirmations in order to show up in your wallet. It could be that the transaction hasn’t been confirmed yet by your wallet. Most wallets wait at least 3 confirmations before showing up the coins. Each Confirmation usually take 10 minutes on average (but can take more or less). If you want a deeper explanation on the subject read this post.
Another option is that your wallet doesn’t accept small payment and therefor rejected the transaction. If that’s the case there’s not much we can do. However, next time you can set your payment threshold to a higher amount so that the wallet will accept it. This can be done through the “check balance” page.
In case you have further questions about the Faucet payments, I suggest you to contact us here with your bitcoin address and we can check it for you.

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