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Javier Mora asked 9 months ago

Hi. My name is Javier I took your course in Udemy (and I have read your book). I have the idea that there is a very thin line between an mlm and any ponzi. My rule to detect this is; Should I buy this (mlm) product for that price if it were in a supermarket?
What happens when people buy this product (expensive financial education course) to have the right to mining (by tokens) a private currency? This is what I have believe of onecoin. I told you in the udemy course I have a YouTube channel, right. So people don’t believe about the basic info about how to detect an scam. This coin has all the alerts but it is a kind of cult (because the huge community -they think it will be accepted in the future -if say a lie many times it becomes a true? Nop ) What are your thoughts, should a create a video, or is imposible to save people who doesn’t want?. I will curate many articles (I own)to create that video

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Ofir Beigel answered 9 months ago

Hello again Javier,
you’re asking a very interesting question. The sad reality is that no video of blog post will be able to stop schemes like this. One example I can give you is of Bitclub – Bitclub is a questionable investment in my opinion and I wrote about it on my blog. Now I know that many people read my blog post and decided not to invest, but I think a lot more didn’t read it and ended up investing in the company.
So the question is in my opinion – what is your motive to create this video? Since even if it does succeed and get a lot of views, it will still not stop any phenomenon like the ones you’ve stated in your question. If however you want to do it because you feel some sort of duty to warn people, that’s a good enough reason in my opinion. Just don’t be disappointed if it does end up serving its purpose as you thought it would.
The only thing we can do in these cases is state our opinion and hope people will listen.
Let me know if you have any more questions.

Anonymous answered 9 months ago

Thank you.  Helping people to don’t be scammed is enough for me. And for sure all these videos will be in my blog. Thank you again

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