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Jean asked 1 week ago

Hello Jonas, I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast as well and I noticed this coin Ultranote recently. they are only 1 month old and just got listed on Friday. Since they are new the price is very affordable and I am buying a lot of them. Since you do some coin reviews from time to time. Would you consider having a look at it and give your impression. They are based on Same tech as Monero but in addition to asset transfer; Ultranote has untraceable and anonymous messaging, deposit system paying interest and mining facility directly in the wallet which is very nice for new adopters. Website Thanks a lot cant wait to read your opinion

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Steven Hay answered 1 week ago

Hey Jean,
Thanks for the tip! This coin doesn’t sound bad from your description but there are just so many coins that it’s impossible to cover them all. We can really only cover the biggest and most proven coins, unless there’s some compelling reason to address a smaller coin. Good luck with it though.

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