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sumair ali asked 4 weeks ago

Last updated on December 12th, 2017 at 06:25 pm

Hello i want to buy a litecoin miner i have seen bitmain\’s litecoin miner L3 + they are selling for like 1600$ USD in my country the cost of electricity is 0.15 kw and i tried mining calculator they show me a 300$ USD profit per month and i think its good did u think it is good ? also can i also mine other coins with bitmain\’s L3+ ?

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Steven Hay answered 4 weeks ago

Hey Sumair,
Just to clarify, do you mean that the cost of electricity is 15c (USD cents) per kW in your country? If so, that’s expensive electricity and I doubt the miner will bring you much, if any, profit.
The L3+ will mine any other Scrypt coin. If you look on, there’s an option to sort by “coin algorithm” which will group all Scrypt coins together in order of current profitability.

Zeeshan Hyder replied 4 days ago

i wanna buy ltc miner at cheap rate

sumair ali replied 4 weeks ago

i try using cryptocampare and at 15c USD it shows me a profit of 300 USD every month

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