My bitcoin wallet got scammed.

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsMy bitcoin wallet got scammed.
ekusano asked 5 months ago

My address is used at both Milli and Bitcoinker.  My wallet for this address is with, however I have been unable to logon to their website for over a week now, so I am assuming that they have scammed my bitcoin wallet.  I understand that if I change my address, I will lose my balance with the above address, as I do not want my balance sent to  However, my address above is also accepted at Faucethub.  Is it possible to transfer to Faucethub??  If yes, can I leave my address alone and continue.  If no, then I will forfeit the balances back to you and start all over once I can get a new wallet.  Thank you.   ekusano

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Zsofia Elek answered 5 months ago

Hi Ekusano,
Not sure what details you have given to the site which might scam you. If it is only the public Bitcoin address, then you do not need to worry, as you only have to keep the private key in safe. The Bitcoin addresses are visible on the blockchain, but you need the private key in order to control the balances on it. You can read more about how private key works in this article.

Anonymous answered 5 months ago

Thanks for your quick response.  I do not have access to the private keys, all I have is my bitcoin address, my login id and my password.  My account at was set up the same as one you would set up with Coinbase.  Unfortunately, coinbase no longer will service Hawaii residents because of strict regulations in Hawaii.  That was why I switched from coinbase to  Because I have been unable to logon to website, I am assuming that I got scammed, and I guess I will just have to move on.
My question to you is what do I have to do to not lose my balance at milli and bitcoinker if I have to change my bitcoin address???  Its okay if nothing can be done, I will just forfeit the balances back to you and start all over once I get a new wallet set up.  

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