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Godfried Traime asked 2 weeks ago

Could you perhaps do a review about LifeStyleGalaxy? They mine in the pool and offer a mining contract where you re-purchase H/s at a rate of at least 35% (or max 100%; then you don’t get any payment that day but you buy more H/s). That way you keep up with the rate of difficulty (of build up your mining capacity and then start earning at a higher rate). I haven’t seen this kind of contract anywhere else but is it reliable? Is it profitable? You can mine BTC of ETH or Zcash at the moment.

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Godfried,
as a general rule I don’t review cloud mining companies. I just don’t believe they are good investments. You can read my review about Genesis Mining and understand why I think so.

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