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Alex549806 asked 2 weeks ago

Last updated on November 7th, 2017 at 05:16 pm

Hello! So iv\’e taken a large interest in Cryptocurrency in the past month researching everything i can and signing up to every tutorial i can find including 99Bitcoins! :D After buying my first Bitcoin i started to get interested in altcoins signing up to faucets and what have you and while doing that i was told by one that Monero is the best coin to mine without a professional setup That got me interested in trying it! I see that the Monero wallet has a built in miner and i was wondering before i try it was that site telling the truth? Is it worth it? And how many threads can i use without hurting my CPU? Thanks in advance!!!

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Steven Hay answered 2 weeks ago

Hey Alex,
Yes, most full wallets contain a CPU mining function. CPU-mining is still fairly feasible on Monero, as opposed to most other coins. It certainly can’t hurt to try it. I’d say you can use as many threads as you like, although you may notice your PC’s performance is degraded while mining. It shouldn’t do any harm to your CPU, assuming it’s properly cooled. You can download an app like Hardware Monitor to view the temperatures your CPU cores are reaching. You should be able to search for the temperatures your particular CPU should not exceed. If you see mining is overheating your CPU, just reduce the intensity or number of threads. If you have a separate GPU, you’ll probably want to switch to that for mining Monero as it will get you better performance. I believe it’s even possible to mine on both GPU and CPU at once.

Steven Hay replied 2 weeks ago

Hey Alex,

I guess you’re using the Monero GUI wallet? With that, you can get the optimal thread count by dividing your cache memory by 2. You can check how much cache you have by looking up your CPU’s stats on the manufacturer’s website.

As for GPU mining: if you have an AMD GPU, then use SG-Miner. If you have an Nvidia GPU, use xmrMiner.

Alex549806 replied 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the help Steven! Could you point me in the direction of a good GPU miner? As the wallet i’m using doesn’t seem to have a option sadly.

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