Mining Bitcoins with multiple computers?

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Mark Abrahams asked 11 months ago


I have a small company, with a lot of computers that need to be on 24 hours per day, so, electricity cost is not the issue; What do you think of setting up about 15 computers for mining, in this case?

They have I7 cpus, would this be similar to bitcoin farming and how would i go about setting this up. and how do I link it all to one account.

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 11 months ago

Hey Mark how’s it going?
Even though you have multiple computers, mining Bitcoins with them will probably be useless. It’s impossible to make a profit today if you’re not mining Bitcoins with designated miners known as ASIC miners. 
If you want to dig deeper into this read this post about Bitcoin mining profitability
What I can suggest is that you find a different coins that can be mined with a CPU. I’m not much into altcoin mining so I can’t really suggest anything here but I’m sure a quick Google search will do the trick.
Good luck!

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