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Sabrina asked 5 months ago

I was wondering, is it possible to mine Bitcoins with just my laptop in terms of hardware? I am unable to afford the physical miners and I am interested in getting started.

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 5 months ago

Hello Sabrina, nice to meet you.
You can not mine Bitcoins with your laptop – I mean you can try, but you probably won’t be able to mine any coins at all and ruin your laptop due to overheating. Today mining is done only through dedicated miners. 
A different option would be to mine a different altcoin that does allow you to mine with your laptop and then trade it for Bitcoins. However I’m not very well versed in which altcoins can be mined with a laptop. In any case, please don’t fall for those cloud mining sites that are on the web – they are not really mining Bitcoins, they are just scams waiting to take your money.
Here’s a detailed post about the profitability of Bitcoin mining that may help as well.
Good luck!

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