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Robert asked 6 months ago

Read your recent review on hardware wallets. Decided to purchase Ledger nano S. Company website says product backordered until mid-September. Amazon asking $198.00! Any suggestions for cheaper/faster US seller?

  • Rob
GAUTAM MUKHOPADHYAY replied 6 months ago

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Zsofia Elek answered 6 months ago

Hi Robert,
The lowest price would be indeed if you order the Ledger directly from the company store. You can check eBay for a quicker/cheaper solution, but then you need to consider the security aspects of a used hardware wallet. You can find here some further hardware wallets. 

Robert replied 6 months ago

Thank you for your reply. Given the ~ 6-8 week company delay, it would indeed appear that new unopened (shrink-wrapped) devices with intact security seals are available for a $10-30.00 premium with free 7-day shipping on ebay. I don’t think anyone would purchase a used Ledger on eBay given the obvious security concerns.

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