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Katherine asked 7 months ago

Hello 99bitcoins team
I work for QUOINE, a fintech company that operates a crypto exchange called QUOINEX. I came across your site and was wondering if you could include us in your comparison review.
Thank you!

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Ofir Beigel answered 7 months ago

Hey Katherine nice to meet you. 
Since there are so many Bitcoin companies “coming and going” our policy is to review only companies that are more than 12 months old in the market. I can see that you started just a few months ago so I think this will have to wait.
Thanks for letting me know about you guys.

ash replied 7 months ago

hi katherine, i registered with quoinex a few days ago. was able to log into my account without any problems, but tried today and it says “your-2-factor-authentication-hasn-t-been-populated-please-try-again-shortly”. haven’t recieved the authentication code via sms, have presssed ‘send’ a few times, still nothing. are your systems down, is quoinex having techincal issues?

Ofir Beigel replied 7 months ago

OK thanks for clarifying this. I will put this in the queue but due to so many requests we’re getting in the past month I’m not sure when this will be executed.

Katherine replied 7 months ago

Hello Ofir,

Actually we launched in 2014 — see and recently went through a rebranding in March 2017.

Hope this clarifies for your consideration.

Warm Regards


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