Linkage between Exodus wallet to Ledger Nano S

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Sarah asked 3 months ago

Hi there,
Thanks for the informative articles. I am learning a lot from this website.
I have ordered Ledger Nano S online but due to the high volume of pre-orders, it won’t be shipped till Sept 15, 2017.
My question is: in the interim, can I use Exodus Wallet and later on be able to link both wallet with the same private key and use Exodus for routine transactions and Ledger Nano S to store long term CryptoCurrencies?


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Ofir Beigel answered 3 months ago

Hi Sarah,
you can indeed save you funds in Exodus for the time being. Once your Ledger arrives just send all of your coins from Exodus to the Ledger wallet address and they will be stored there. There’s no way to link both wallets as far as I know.

Ofir Beigel replied 3 months ago

Yes there will be fees like you said – since it’s moving coins around.

Rob replied 3 months ago

But upon sending it will cost you the mining fee no? Moving from one wallet to another will always be considered a transaction?

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