kindly help me check if my laptop is suitable for mining bitcoin

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zeus asked 11 months ago

A laptop that has :Hard Disk (GB) 500
Internal Memory(GB) 4
Memory Size (GB) 500
CPU Speed (GHz) 1.40
Processor Type AMD Dual Core
Operating System Windows 10
Display Features Full HDRAM: 4GB
HDD/Internal Memory: 500GB HDD
Operating System: Windows 10
Is it suitable for mining bitcoin if so my profit in a day And how do i no the hash rate or power of the laptop 

Ofir Beigel replied 11 months ago

Zues and Beemat Please open up new question threads for new questions – I will not answer in this comment section.

Zeus zxatfms replied 11 months ago

If i send my bitcoin address to a person and the bitcoin address was later changed will the payment still be sent to my wallet. HD address it changes everytime

Ofir Beigel replied 11 months ago

Take a look at the answer below – it has links to mining hardware. Regarding your second question – I don’t know of such a company and don’t believe it actually exists. Most companies out there today that promise such revenues are usually scams.

BEEMAT replied 11 months ago

1.apart from knowing the configuration setting what mining devices l can buy to start mining with my system and the harsh rate.2 how can l find a reliable trading company that trades bitcoin for you and gives a percentage as a beginnner that accepts low deposit?

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Ofir Beigel answered 11 months ago

Hey Zues, nice to meet.
Today you will no longer be able to mine Bitcoins with your laptop and be profitable. Laptops are just not suited for this job. In order to make money from Bitcoin mining you will need to purchase special Bitcoin mining hardware, it’s all detailed in this post in depth.
Good luck!

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