Issue with referal link in your great wordpress plugin

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Ranjan asked 5 months ago

Last time I asked about implementing auto deduction feature and you were correct why should I deduct any bodies earned money well, this time I find a very strange behaviour relating to the referral link it shows up after making the claim, but as I have implemented Popad on my faucet on my page as any user tries to copy his/ her referral link page get refreshed and the links get lost so I was wondering why don’t you implement referral link under profile as it’s is storing Bitcoin Address along with the faucet uses statistics so that user can get it from there I hope to hear your thoughts on this regard too

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Zsofia Elek answered 5 months ago

Hi Ranjan,
Could you please raise this question through the plugin? The Support team should be able to help you once you opened the ticket.

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