Is Trade FinTech legitimate?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsIs Trade FinTech legitimate?
Elma Pangilinan asked 1 month ago

I subscribed to bitcoin code and got an email from TradeFinTech. I have submitted my credit card and other proof of IDs when I realized their email does not speak about bitcoin code but the link leads me to Bitcoin code. I am worried as I have deposited 250 euros

can you help me know their legitimacy?
thank you
elma pangilinan

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Steven Hay answered 1 month ago

Hi Elma,
I suggest you run their website through our Scam Test:

The Bitcoin Scam Test

But I must say, it doesn’t sound good. Starting with the fact that they sent you an unsolicited email and then seeing that they’re unlicensed… I did the “TradeFinTech + scam” search recommended on our page and found a lot of further bad news and bad reviews.
It seems very likely to me that TradeFinTech is a scam. I suggest that you try to withdraw your funds.
Please also mention what this “Bitcoin Code” site you subscried to is and provide their link. This sounds like something else people should be warned about.

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