Is a Bitcoin Faucet AdSense friendly?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsIs a Bitcoin Faucet AdSense friendly?
Noah asked 12 months ago

Hi !
I’ve seen multiple major faucets, having their Google AdSense Ads deleted. They got banned from AdSense apparently.Is it safe to put AdSense Ads on your bitcoin faucets or will you get a great risk of being banned?Thanks!

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 12 months ago

Hey Noah, from my personal experience Google Adsene doesn’t approve faucets as advertisers. They consider these site to be “pay to click / visit” and they are probably right.
You may be able to run Adsense for some time before they spot you but eventually you will get banned. Here’s my personal story about how I got banned after running a faucet successfully for around 9 months.

Ofir Beigel Staff replied 12 months ago

If you’re serious about Internet marketing I don’t think it’s worth the risk. If it’s just for a quick buck then you may be able to do this – I personally don’t recommend it.

Noah replied 12 months ago

You do think it is safe to run it for like 2 months with Google AdSense without having them “notice” it?

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