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Lionel A Castillo asked 11 months ago

Hello Ofir,

Thank you for your help. I’m still not understanding something about my Bitcoin wallet address and/or Public key. Question:
If I entered my original btc-address on several different faucets then withdrew btcs;
Do I need to change my btc address each time I withdraw or Is this now my public key to continue to enter when asked for btc address?
Please know that this is a totally new thing to me. Would you mind giving me as much detail as I can process pls?
Thank you Ofir, for this platform.

Lionel A Castillo

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Ofir Beigel answered 11 months ago

Hey Lionel,
the private key is something you should keep private – it’s like a password to your Bitcoins. The Bitcoin address is something you can give out to anyone you like that can send you Bitcoins. There is no need to change the Bitcoin address every time you want someone to send you something unless you’re trying to remain anonymous.
Perhaps our latest video about Bitcoin wallets can also help you.

Lionel A Castillo replied 11 months ago

Hi, and Thank you!
I was asking about my “public key”. Is my public key my Bitcoin Address? And if so, would there be a reason that I have to change it? I noticed a new address and was wondering if I needed to change it on sites that I visited.
Thank you for your help and advice

Ofir Beigel answered 11 months ago

Your Bitcoin address is a derivative of your public key – they are not exactly the same. However most of the times you won’t even see your public key – only your Bitcoin address.
Some wallets change addresses frequently for users in order to help them remain anonymous (e.g. Blockchain.info) however you can still use your old addresses and they will work.

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