I invested in Bitcoin several years ago

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersI invested in Bitcoin several years ago
Anonymous asked 2 months ago

I invested $30.00 in Bitcoin several years ago. How do I access my account and what is it’s value today?

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Zsofia - 99Bitcoins support Staff answered 2 months ago

Hey, good for you! One Bitcoin now worth more than 2500 USD at the moment. You can check the current price at Crypto Compare for example. You need to remember the wallet where you stored the Bitcoin and the login details. In order to control the coins, you need both the private key and the public address, try to find those. 

GlenGary answered 2 months ago

Sounds like you may have Donated if you have no clue how to access the coin. Did you receive anything in the form of a reseipt or long number relative t the 30,00 yu spent?

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