How to have my bitcoins back?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsHow to have my bitcoins back?
Light asked 1 year ago

Hi. I used virwox to buy some bitcoins, so I had to copy paste my receiver address(bitcoin) , I did it but when I copy paste my adress it is different from what I copied from my wallet, I didn’t notice.
My question is, is that possible to have the bitcoin I send to the wrong adress? If yes, how is that possible.
My best regards. Light

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Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hey Light, sorry to hear about your situation.
Unfortunately Bitcoin is like cash in a sense that once you give it out – it’s not yours anymore. You probably sent the Bitcoins to someone else that now received them and the only way to get them back is if you know who that address belongs to and asks for him to send them back.
That’s one of the pitfalls you need to avoid when using Bitcoin – always double check where you’re sending the money.
Again, sorry to hear about this.

Ofir Beigel replied 1 year ago

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Oluwaseun Popoola replied 1 year ago

hello ofir
what happens when i have accumulated satoshi using a particular address and before the day of payout i received a payment from someone else,
practically we know when i recieve payment my bitcoin address changes automatically.
How do you then pay me for my accumulated satoshi on a previous address when my address has changed to a new one?