How to find wallet.dat?

Aubrey asked 9 months ago

Hello and thanks for the great site. I’m trying to backup my Bitcoin wallet – I’m using Bitcoin core and from what I understand I need to get the wallet.dat file. Where can I find it?

Ofir Beigel Staff replied 9 months ago

What wallet are you using?

bill replied 9 months ago

how can I recover a lost password the password I have saved says check password I don’t know why

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 9 months ago

Hey Aubrey, awesome question!
You can find wallet.dat only for wallets that are hosted on your computer like Bitcoin core (also known as Bitcoin QT).
This file contains your wallet information (including private keys) and it’s what you need to back up in order to backup your wallet.
For windows:

replace the “User” with your username. Or go to the start menu -> run -> type in”

explorer %APPDATA%\Bitcoin

For mac:
Make sure you are looking in the “Application Support” folder within your home folder, as opposed to the other “Application Support” folder at the root level of your hard disk.

That is, the file is here:
/Users/<your-user-name>/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/wallet.dat

NOT here:
/Library/Application Support/
For more information see the wiki page here.

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