how to find right time for buying bitcoin

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paras asked 4 months ago

Dear Sir,
i want to buy Bitcoin but what to do during Volatile Market ?
how to find the right time to buy a bitcoin? like now bitcoin is stable near 1000 $ so can we consider it a
buying opportunity or have to wait for down side ??
just share your view

Ofir Beigel Staff replied 1 month ago

Hi, I will address this in a new post soon

Himanshu Sharma replied 1 month ago

Hello, I want to invest 20K$ in bitcoin how can I make sure my investment will be secure in my digital wallet? As we all afraid of cyber attacks these days and bitcoins are nontracable currency.

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 4 months ago

Hello Paras, no one can actually predict when is a “good time” to buy Bitcoins. I suggest reading our beginner’s guide to Bitcoin trading to understand a bit more about how to trade Bitcoins.

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