How many times can a paper wallet be swept

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Jeff N asked 11 months ago

Hello, I have a investment that pays monthly to a paper wallet. I want  to spend some of the btc and save the rest. I’ve read that every time I spend/send from the paper wallet the public key can be tracked and somehow this makes the paper wallet more vulnerable in the future. Then there’s the question, what happens to the remaining balance.  Will it remain or is it lost after the first sweep

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Ofir Beigel answered 11 months ago

Hi Jeff,
when you want to spend a paper wallet funds you’ll need to withdraw those funds to an online wallet first. You can just spend part of the funds.
The bug you’re referring to is correct but is very uncommon at the moment. Basically it means that each time you spend money from an address it’s better to spend all of the money so that hackers won’t be to remove the existing funds. This is true for any address, not just paper wallets.
To sum things up what I suggest is this – export your paper wallet to a digital wallet (here’s an example). Once finished moved your remaining funds to a new paper wallet.