Have you looked at Freewallet.org yet?

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Peter asked 3 months ago

I\’m totally new to the altcoin world and was looking at wallet apps for phones. I saw that Freewallet.org makes a series of wallet apps, one each for several types of coins.
They report that it is possible to buy coin from inside the apps with a credit card, they also say that they store the assets in cold storage. If that is the case, then the app isn\’t really the wallet, but just the interface. (Am I right in understanding that?) and the assets are not stored on the phone itself.
I also wonder why they are providing the solution using separate apps instead of an integrated solution in a single app (similar to how Exodus has an integrated solution).
Either way, it looks like an interesting service and I’ve come to really trust your site here for the education I’m getting from exploring it and watching your videos.
Thanks for all you do!

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Peter, you’re getting that absolutely right.
I’m not aware of freewallet,org and I advise you to use caution when giving any payment information to 3rd parties who claim to sell altcoins. I’m not saying that freewallet is a scam or anything, I just don’t know them and personally wouldn’t buy altcoins from a wallet that claims to store Bitcoins for me if it wasn’t REALLY well known in the community (e.g. Coinbase).
Hope this helped.

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