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Helen Swift asked 1 year ago

Last updated on November 22nd, 2017 at 08:26 am

I stupidly sent $200 in bitcoin to 1 of those high yield investment scams…well ,I’m assuming it’s a scam….says $50 min deposit,but when I deposited it showed in my account,then my ‘earnings’ showed there too just like they said they would,but when I tried to withdraw some of it,nothing happened.

I wanted to reinvest the majority of it but couldn’t do that either.i emailed them,they replied telling me I had to make another deposit of the same amount to activate the system and then I can withdraw.having to to redeposit was NOT mentioned on the site at all…so I guess I got scammed…surely if it was legit it would have stated on the site that u need to redeposit??’

Big newbie f*** up…my bad ???? I can still access my account….it’s still showing my $200 plus my alleged earnings….is there any way at all of getting my deposit back? Not sure if I’m allowed to put the name of the site/company so I won’t unless u say it’s ok ????

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RITA RAVEN replied 2 months ago

Got scammed by Mahi Singhi of BITCOIN PROTRADE PHONE # 844-757-8828 AND 844-672-9115. A real SOB and i want to warn all newbie’s out there.

Sharon. ODonnell replied 2 months ago

I’ve been hacked out of my bitcoin never got paid from a lot of them one alone over 6,000,000 satoshi. I’ve texted etc. I was doing this over a year and half. Now who helps u I’ve tried so much it’s on facebook

johny replied 2 months ago

alert (“fuck scammers”)

darren cundy replied 3 months ago

hi…i put £3900 pounds into 518 coins in october 2015…anyway of getting my money back?

sal replied 5 months ago

I got scammed by it’s pretty much the same story, I invested and I see it going up I keep trying to withdraw and they show as pending but haven’t got my withdraws, it’s been almost a month since my first withdraw request and nothing..

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Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hey Helen, very sorry to hear about this.
Unfortunately Bitcoin is like cash – once you give it out it doesn’t belong to you anymore and there’s no way to retrieve it. Feel free to mention the company name here. Also, next time I suggest reading this post in order to avoid using scam sites:
Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. 

Helen answered 1 year ago

Thank u…yeh i figured that was the case…just so mad at myself for being so dumb ????  was hoping there was something I could threaten them with,like some kind of watchdog organisation that could step in and investigate or something but I guess that’s impossible to do…ah well,learned my lesson the hard way ????thank u Ofir for taking the time to reply ???? I’ve learned a lot from this site thank u ???? oh yeh,the name of the company is PROBTC.LIMITED ????

[email protected] answered 3 weeks ago

i lost money to some binary options merchant , i was down and devastated , with the help of a good samaritan i met online i was able to recover my money.

Samir answered 3 weeks ago

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Steven Hay replied 2 weeks ago

Hey Charlene,

If you’ve sent Bitcoin to them, there’s no way to get it back. The most you can do is report the website. If you have the details of anyone involved in it, you can report them also.

Charlene replied 2 weeks ago

I lost many Btc to this website is there anything i can do?

Ben answered 3 weeks ago

You can recover bitcoins that was lost online to scammers or the likes. Contact eightspyders at gmail dot com

Kim replied 2 weeks ago

Hi i lost alot of Bitcoins to this website Is there any thing i can do :S?

gilbertwayne14atgmaildotcom answered 2 weeks ago

i lost bitcoins to but with the help of a refund expert i was able to recover my bitcoins.

Elian replied 1 day ago

how were you able to do that ?

gilbertwayne answered 2 weeks ago

i lost money to anyoptions but with the help of a refund expert i was able to recover my bitcoins, would be happy to share my experience , you can reach out via gilbertwayne14at gmail dot com

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