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Helen Swift asked 12 months ago

I stupidly sent $200 in bitcoin to 1 of those high yield investment scams…well ,I’m assuming it’s a scam….says $50 min deposit,but when I deposited it showed in my account,then my ‘earnings’ showed there too just like they said they would,but when I tried to withdraw some of it,nothing happened.

I wanted to reinvest the majority of it but couldn’t do that either.i emailed them,they replied telling me I had to make another deposit of the same amount to activate the system and then I can withdraw.having to to redeposit was NOT mentioned on the site at all…so I guess I got scammed…surely if it was legit it would have stated on the site that u need to redeposit??’

Big newbie f*** up…my bad ???? I can still access my account….it’s still showing my $200 plus my alleged earnings….is there any way at all of getting my deposit back? Not sure if I’m allowed to put the name of the site/company so I won’t unless u say it’s ok ????

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 12 months ago

Hey Helen, very sorry to hear about this.
Unfortunately Bitcoin is like cash – once you give it out it doesn’t belong to you anymore and there’s no way to retrieve it. Feel free to mention the company name here. Also, next time I suggest reading this post in order to avoid using scam sites:

The Bitcoin Scam Test – 10 Tools to Determine if a Bitcoin Business is Legit

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. 

Helen answered 12 months ago

Thank u…yeh i figured that was the case…just so mad at myself for being so dumb ????  was hoping there was something I could threaten them with,like some kind of watchdog organisation that could step in and investigate or something but I guess that’s impossible to do…ah well,learned my lesson the hard way ????thank u Ofir for taking the time to reply ???? I’ve learned a lot from this site thank u ???? oh yeh,the name of the company is PROBTC.LIMITED ????

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