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aristides asked 4 months ago

Last updated on October 20th, 2017 at 10:00 am

Is there a way to get a daily chart of bitcoin that is free, easily accessible and allows drawing of trendlines, moving averages etc? possibly a free trial to a broker?
I would like to be keeping an eye on it technically so that I can buy at what I consider a good dip.
thanks in advance.

munababu replied 4 months ago
Here you can see the EOD chart and hourly chart you can follow for trading if you understand candlestick reversal patterns like BTC recently made Bullish engulfing at $3300 then morning start pattern near $3500/3600 for Long entry, also look at the Doji made. you can also plot EMA/SMA if you want.

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Steven Hay answered 4 months ago

Hey Aristides,
Yes, there are several great sites for this but the one I most recommend is Trading View. Here is a link to their real-time daily chart of Bitcoin on Bitstamp:
You have to register to save custom charts but it’s free. The site has a LOT of different symbols (not just Bitcoin, all kinds of other cryptos, currency pairs, stocks, commodities, etc), studies, indicators, options and extras. You can pay to get even more stuff but it’s not necessary. Enjoy!