Free bitcoin offer – never received

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Jeremy asked 1 year ago

I originally subscribed to 99bitcoins because the site was promoting receiving 99 bitcoins for signing up. I have not received instructions on how to receive them. Most people signing up are new to Bitcoin and do not actually have wallets yet, so they are not able to claim their reward right away. Now that I am setup with a wallet, how am I supposed to claim the free bitcoins as advertised on the public site and from the email? Do I need to submit my public wallet ID?
Thank you

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Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

Hey Jeremy, we used to give out 100 bits to every newsletter subscriber but we have discontinued that promotion since last month. When did you sign up?

li linx replied 1 year ago

pleas I need free bitcoin

chibutex replied 1 year ago

but atleast u have to give the newbie .. atleast 0.4bitcion