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spiros mxs asked 6 months ago

I gave a used receiving address of blockchain wallet to someone and i have some funds but I can’t use it without the private key. New interface of this wallet does not give the option export and support from blockchain.info was not succesful. Is there any way to find the private key?

Thank you

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 6 months ago

If you have your recovery phrase you should be able to use it. See this blog post from Blockchain.info. I’m a bit confused about your question since I don’t understand if you can access your account or not.

spiros mxs replied 5 months ago

No he cannot raise transaction fee as support (Alison) of blockchain said in comments section of the link https://blog.blockchain.com/2014/07/08/tutorial-how-to-rebroadcast-a-bitcoin-transaction/

“You are unable to attach a fee to a transaction that has already been sent out. It is quite likely it will confirm, it will just take longer. There is also a possibility it will get rejected, in which case the bitcoins will re-appear back as if you never attempted to transact them in the first place. “

Ofir Beigel Staff replied 5 months ago

Perhaps this can help:

It’s a guide about how to rebroadcast the transaction with higher fees so it will go through

Sameera Pathum replied 5 months ago

i have a same kind of a problem, i send some BTC to my other wallet with a lower transaction fee. now its been 1 week and still transaction is not confirmed. blockchain.info wallet re execute the same transaction again and again every time the transaction rejected from bitcoin network. now my BTC stuck forever. and i dont have a way to re spend it as well since i don’t have the private key.

Ofir Beigel Staff replied 6 months ago

Yeah I understand. All I’m saying is that I’m not familiar with any “watch only” address feature on Blockchain. Perhaps send a screencast using Jing or something. I have old addresses on Blockchain.info as well and I can easily access them.
And you’re right – there’s no more option to export the private key on that wallet and it sucks.

spiros mxs replied 6 months ago

Maybe the answer was more simple than I thought. I deleted the ‘watch address’. How? ‘Settings –> Addresses–>Imported Addresses (Becareful) –> Manage Addresses —> Watch-only Addresses and (finally) click to delete this address. Money are still in your wallet under the label ‘Used Addresses’ if you click the red button in warning box.

Ofir Beigel Staff replied 6 months ago

Blockchain updates their UI from time to time but you should still have access to all of the funds in your account – even in older addresses. Perhaps you need to click the “transfer all” button next to your import addresses under – Settings – addresses

However I don’t see any reason for you to need a private key if this is still the same account you used before. I’m saying this because I use blockchain.info and haven’t encountered such a thing

spiros mxs replied 6 months ago

Thank you for quick answer. May be I was not so clear. As you know blockchain wallet uses changing receiving address. My problem is that someone sent me btcs in an old (used) address. Blockchain made a ‘watch only’ label for this address where I see these btcs but I cannot use it without to import private key. I tried recovery phrase but asked only private key. I searched and found some videos where before some time if someone made a blockchain wallet there was the header ‘import/export’. So, the owner of the wallet could export private key. Now if someone create a blockchain wallet there is not this option. So, I have access my account, I can see btc, but I cannot use it. Is there any way to find the private key of my wallet?

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