Does bitcoin price fluctuate when buying things?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersDoes bitcoin price fluctuate when buying things?
rn asked 5 months ago

Hi, sorry I’m new to bitcoin.  So say I want to buy a $5 coffee with bitcoin.  Will the bitcoin price fluctuate according to the BTC/USD price?  Or is it a set price equivalent to $5 USD?  Thank you.

Steven Hay replied 5 months ago

Hey rn,

Just to chip in, if something is priced in USD or any other currency, then it means you will pay the equivalent amount in Bitcoin, based on the current exchange rate.

The only exception is for something priced in Bitcoin. However, this situation remains unusual and is something you’re unlikely to encounter in a regular shop, whether on or offline.

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Zsofia Elek answered 5 months ago

Hi Rn,
If you pay the coffee in Bitcoin, you get the BTC price and pay for it in Bitcoin. The merchant runs the risk of the price volatility in this case by accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. There are several methods to overcome that exchange rate risk, similar to what those merchants apply which accepts sales in other currencies than their local currency. 

Anonymous answered 5 months ago

Thank you for your explanation.