DasCoin – DasPay – is it a real cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersDasCoin – DasPay – is it a real cryptocurrency
john davies asked 6 months ago

DasCoin – DasPay –  is it a real cryptocurrency

PromoteYourCoin replied 6 months ago

In short – No, its not real as far as I can tell.
You might find this post on BitcoinTalk helpful.

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 6 months ago

Hey John,
it seems as if every other day another altcoin is created. I haven’t really heard about this coin and suggest you do thourough research before investing in any unfamiliar coins since many of them are just “pump and dump” schemes where investors end up losing their money.

Ofir Beigel Staff replied 1 month ago

The fact that it’s a cryptocurrency doesn’t mean that it actually has any market share or value. It’s like saying that a company is real because it’s registered as a company. It may be real, but that doesn’t mean you should invest in it.

Home Profit System replied 1 month ago

Yes it’s real cryptocurrency http://homeprofitsystem.co.uk/DasCoin-and-DasPay/

Josef replied 1 month ago

After some research, i think it’s a real cryptocurrency, it has a real blockchain and its explorer is public and it has a good and solid white paper!!

Home Profit System answered 1 month ago

Yes Dasoin is real cryptocurrency

Ask Expert replied 4 days ago

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