Crystafox miners scam or legit?

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Paul asked 3 months ago

My friend introduced me to crystafox mining on they promise about 120% monthly interest.I want to know if its genuine

Hi replied 1 month ago

It’s scamed site it’s change the website they r scamer stay away from it before they have different websites

Kokoro replied 1 month ago

This site is a very big scam….. It stopped paying investors…..after they got huge investment in Btc……Please stay clear

Kokoro replied 2 months ago

Its real I have earned many Bitcoin from it

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 3 months ago

Hey Paul, off the the top of my head I’d say they’re a scam, but I can’t know for sure. Please use the Bitcoin scam test in order to figure out a more detailed answer.

markson replied 1 week ago

crystafox is the biggest of all intelligent scams ever..steer clear before the scam virus affects you like it did to so many of us…..

paul Ajonye replied 1 month ago

trade carefully on cystafox is not 100% safe …I Invested in it too detail about it here..

benson replied 2 months ago



Kpokiri replied 2 months ago

….Crystafox is a ponzi scam, kept pressuring participants to investvmore bitcoins. They just kept changing withdrawal policies; 5 times now in 9 days.
Lately, all withdrawal requests are declined.

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