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horst asked 1 month ago

hi, I would like to invets/trade with crypto’s in the USA. I am an austrian citizen, with residence in Mexico, but have several investment accounts in the USA since many years.
how can I get going?
thanks in advance for your advice.

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Steven Hay answered 1 month ago

Hello Horst,
OK, that sounds a little complicated. Exchanges which deal in fiat will want to verify your identity for KYC / AML purposes, and having a residence and banks in different countries can lead to difficulties. I’m not saying you can’t do it, but I’m not sure which exchange will be the most understanding about your more complicated situation. I can only suggest that you try the big exchanges like,, and so on and see which prove most amenable.
If you’d like to get started in Bitcoin without dealing with all these problems, your easiest method will be to buy from a person. The site is the best way to find a trading partner and the site will also secure your trade. I’m sure you’ll find many trading partners in the USA accepting a wide variety of payment methods. Another option is to buy BTC with cash, here’s my guide to doing that:

4 Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Cash Wordwide