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Carlos Hill asked 5 months ago


  1. Is Monero like bitcoin? Notice more places accept bitcoins then any other cryptocurrency.
  2. How do I cash(USD) cryptocurrency without fees?
  3. Where can I purchase cryptocurrency directly from the producer?
  4. I only want to buy with a credit card and remain anonymously and no ID-ing.
  5. What is is it just another site to buy cryptocurrency? or do they especilize in Monero?
  6. Where do I buy Monero and bitcoin for the best prices


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Zsofia Elek answered 5 months ago

Last updated on October 15th, 2017 at 10:07 am

Hi Carlos, these are indeed very good questions. Let me answer them with couple of links to our articles where you can read more about each topic. 
Monero is a similar cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, although Bitcoin is the most popular digital coin on the market. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at exchanges, however, unfortunately you always have to pay at least a small amount of fee when you withdraw cryptocurrencies from an exchange. You can also mine cryptocurrencies, I guess this is what you referred to when asking for producers. You can also purchase Bitcoins anonymously. We do not have any experience with site, from first glace it looks like an exchange to buy Monero from Bitcoin. We not Monero experts, our site is primary focusing on Bitcoin so if you have further question, I suggest asking on MoneroTalk – the official Monero forum.

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