Cloud mining (again, I know, I’m sorry)

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DREW YAHN asked 3 weeks ago

Hi, I recently read your post about cloud mining and your thoughts about genesis-mining.  I am wondering if you have looked in to hashing24?  By my calculations and current price and and and and…. mining for bitcoin with hashing24 will generate returns of about 0.52% a day.  I have a spreadsheet that calculates it that I can send you if you wish.

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Drew,
I haven’t looked into Hashing24 however I assume the result will be the same. If Bitcoin’s price goes up you would make more money by just buying Bitcoins and not cloud mining them, and if Bitcoin’s price went down you will lose less by doing the same.
Just my two cents but again I suggest you do the math for yourself.

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