can we buy bitcoins from you

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oracle ndu asked 11 months ago

hi man, am a Nigerian, and over here bitcoin sellers are putting the price of bitcoins way over what is acceptable 500 Naira for a dollar, and that means for one to be able to buy 100 dollars worth of bitcoins one has to pay 50,000 Naira just to have 0.10548634 and this is not encouraging since we are in this just to learn what bit coin is and also be viable when it is accepted in the future, so my question is this is it possible to have an arrangement with you where one transfers money to you through PayPal or which ever transfer  method that you choose so we can buy from you at the official dollar to Naira exchange… localbit coins have very greedy Nigerians with outrageous prices

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Ofir Beigel answered 11 months ago

Hey Oracle, thanks for writing in.
I don’t sell Bitcoins personally. The reason is that in order to sell Bitcoins I’d need to acquire a money transfer service and all sorts of other qualifications that I don’t want to deal with. Also I don’t have that many Bitcoins to sell. Most of my Bitcoins I keep as a store of wealth and wouldn’t want to sell them back after just buying them.
Did you try looking at ? I know they deal a lot with Nigeria.

oracle replied 11 months ago

thank you so much for answering my question, i will try you have good PR aproach

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