Can I buy BTC without a cell phone?

Bitcoin Questions and AnswersCategory: General questionsCan I buy BTC without a cell phone?
Linda asked 5 months ago

I’ve tried opening accounts with LocalBitcoins and Coinbase but both want a cell phone number– which I don’t have–for SMS verification. Coinbase had instructions for what to do in this case, which was to download Chrome and Authy, but the BTC sites still only have one option: text message. Is it possible to buy BTC without a cell phone?

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Ofir Beigel answered 5 months ago

Hey Linda, interesting question.
I haven’t tried so myself but perhaps you can get a Skype number that allows for text messages and open an account like that. The Authy option you’ve mentioned should work (I use it personally) so it’s strange to see you can’t find that option.
I’m assuming you already read this page
Sorry I couldn’t be of anymore help.

Ofir Beigel replied 5 months ago

Perhaps they removed that option, however you should still be able to get text messages to a Skype number.

Linda replied 5 months ago

Thanks for the link; I had not seen that page. But when I attempted the process, ‘Phone Call’ was not displayed, as it is in your screen shot on that page. I’ll try again.

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