Californai BoA account and Coinbase

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John asked 2 weeks ago

Can Hawai‘i residents use a California BoA account to open a Coinbase account to buy bitcoin?

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Steven Hay answered 2 weeks ago

Hi John,
As far as I know, Coinbase and Kraken have ended service to Hawaii residents due to some legislation passed in that location. You will have to find an alternate method. Perhaps I can suggest

CD answered 2 weeks ago

I would move your money out of Bank of America.  I was traveling a few years ago and all of a sudden, my BOA credit card no longer worked.  After calling BOA they said my Checking and Savings account has been sold and they no longer have my money!  They stranded me many states away from home and I had a rental card and was in a hotel with no way to pay because they \’sold my accounts\’.  After calling them, they refused to help, refused to tell me anything.  I had my account with them for about 15 years and will NEVER do business with BOA ever again.

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