BTC Transfer without hash .. Pending

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ahmad asked 1 week ago

I am work with Ledger Nano as affiliate ..
and he send my commission “BTC” from 03/01/2018 but I am not receive it till now and in Hash table I am see “pending ” what that mean ? no Hash and no Tax ID .. and I am contact Ledger support but with no replay .. how I can track this transfer ? is that normal 1 week with no hash ?? where is the problem ??

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Steven Hay answered 1 week ago

Hi Ahmad,
I see many people have had similar issues recently:
btchip, Ledger’s CTO, responded to these concerns as follows:

“… everybody has been busy or traveling recently. This will be sorted soon.”
I’m inclined to believe him. I think if you hang tight, you will get your payment before too much longer. You can always create another thread on their subreddit for further enquiries.

ahmad answered 1 week ago

Any help ??

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