BTC Transaction – Lost Between Exchanges

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Nathan asked 1 month ago

I transferred BTC from YoBit to Huobipro a few weeks ago. The coins went to an unknown address. I have no idea what the address is or which coins it’s for. I’ve contacted both exchanges, Huobipro never received the amount. So I tried Yobit, since they’re the sender. No luck here. 10 support messages and Twitter stalking them; but no reply. It appears to be a quality and reputable exchange; NOT.
I’m assuming this money is gone, which sucks. I always cut and paste my addresses or use address books to auto populate addresses. Then I triple check everything, prior to submitting my transaction. After this, I video the entire process. Too bad I didn’t do that on this one, it would have made for interesting Twitter chatter.
Could you take a look and see if there’s something I’m missing? If it’s gone, it’s gone. I just want to know if there’s a chance to recover it.
Here’s the transaction ID: aed0777d74db3b057b42795b9915112f5e1232cd68c146fa0f40fd27ddc197fc


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Steven Hay answered 1 month ago

Hey Nathan,
I looked at the tx in various block explorers and made some enquiries. Unfortunately, there’s no real light I can shed on the situation. The most likely explanation here is that Yobit screwed up, apparently they don’t have any kind of rep for technical excellence.