BTC full node using leased computer power

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David Aldous asked 5 months ago

Hi, not sure if you can help or not. I’d like to set up a full BTC node using leased computing power. I think I may have google’d that and seen something to the effect that 99 bitcoins can provide advice. Can you help? Thanks..

Terezinha Beatriz minks replied 5 months ago

Quero sua ajuda comprei os codigos pra receber pagamentos e ná entando so estou gastando e não ganhando compra codigo pra que se não pagan

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Ofir Beigel answered 5 months ago

Hey David.
A while ago we wrote this post about setting up a Bitcoin node. We used to offer a service that does it for you but we no longer supply that. Hope you find the information in the post useful. 

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