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Ashish asked 7 months ago

I was using xapo wallet for transaction and storing BTC, but they  increased  both the outgoing & incoming transaction fee, and it is to much to pay.
So please help me to find a secure Bitcoin wallet with lesser transaction fee

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Ofir Beigel answered 7 months ago

Hello Ashish.
I personally love Electrum. It’s a bit less friendly but a very good wallet in my opinion. Also take a look at our best Bitcoin wallet section on the site.

Joe answered 7 months ago

I would agree, electrum is hands down the best wallet program out there IMO. A cool feature regarding your specific question is that they allow for dynamic fees, which means you can have control over the size of the fee you want to send and thus how long it will take to get “confirmed”. If you’re in a rush and time is more important than cost (or vice versa) it will automatically suggest a fee based off how fast you want the TX to get picked up by the network.

Julian Roach replied 7 months ago

I want to get away from coinbase’s high network fee so spectrum should be great but how do I transfer my funds from coinbase to spectrum?

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