Bitcoin Recovery – Wallet Seed Phrase Transfer to an other Wallet

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Kevin asked 4 weeks ago

Hello, building on a question previously asked (along with a further request for clarification that I think is missed due it not populating as a new open question), I’ll author the query as a new question.If a wallet is lost (hardware physically lost, software corrputed or not supported by new OS, or whatever scenario you can imagine), and the manufacturer/supplier of that wallet no longer exists to provide a new replacement hardware/software wallet, can that recovery seed phrase be used with a different provider\’s wallet to regain access to the bitcoins within, or are those bitcoins lost forever? Thank you!

Ofir Beigel Staff replied 5 days ago

Please open a new question for this as this is beyond the scope of the original question and I will reply.

maria brower replied 5 days ago

thank you! but also, can a paper wallet be made too & which would be done first?

Ofir Beigel Staff replied 6 days ago

Yes the Nano S can hold Bitcoin, ETH and LTC

maria brower replied 6 days ago

can bitcoin & also others, specifically eth & litecoin be put in nanoS and still make a paper wallet copy?

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hey Kevin,
I think I’ve already answered this. Yes you can. For example, if your TREZOR is destroyed and the company goes bust you can still import the seed into Electrum.

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