Bitcoin payment bitgo to nirvanashop

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AncA Lev Bonaparte Yachine asked 1 year ago

Hi dude…,
Till now i dont have enough bitcoins to full fill what i need for , so i will try ur recomendation to get bitcoins via that mind,
I want buy something at nirvanashop …and posibble for me to use bitcoins for payment , but they recomanded buyer to use copay wallet or multibithd , but i choice bitgo for my bitcoins wallet , did it is ok for me use bitgo to purcase nirvanashop via bitcoins payment method ?, or i must use copay for wallet to purcase nirvanashop ?,.
Thanks, kind regards .

1 Answers
Ofir Beigel answered 1 year ago

it shouldn’t be an issue – you can pay with whatever wallet you’d like with Bitcoin.