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zeus pega asked 6 months ago

Please I really could use a little help or advice if you can
here is my problem :
on the 07/23/17 I invested 100 USD in genesis mining and because I payed with credit card (I don’t have any bitcoin) they told me to wait 32 days to get my payouts.

well, the 32 days passed and I start to worry about my money, I never received any payouts in my wallet yet the payouts are showing in my profile.

I contacted them and they said that I have received my payouts. i don’t know what to do anymore.

I have a coinbase wallet. I searched for transaction but didnt find any related to my address.

What can I do from here?

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Zsofia Elek answered 6 months ago

Hi Zeus,
I would strongly suggest to reach out to the Genesis Support Team and ask for a transaction ID. Without that there is no way to prove you have received your payouts. 
Generally speaking, we do not recommend our users to engage in cloud mining, here you can read more about our opinion here. We also had a review about Genesis where we analyzed the profitability.