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jay asked 2 weeks ago

im trying to mine using my laptop and also figuring out if other mining softwares gives different rates to the individuals that uses them.

i am using this “bitcoin miner” app that i downloaded from the macrosoft app store.

it shows that like:

mined (1microbtc=100satoshi)
21shares|1.1difficulty|Scrypt|r errors

this is what my gui shows me.

now i want to know how to use the calculator but it seems there aren’t enough details that i can input. how can i see the essential parameters that’s needed by the calculator?

and i think even though i do not know anything about mining, the software is giving a low-blow rates? in their website shows may rate is 200satoshi/day and payout is 5000 min per week in order for me to achieve the payout i should mine for 25days but 5000satoshi is just $0.5.

kindly please suggest a cpu mining software that i can use.
i know i need to have good mining hardware but since i cant afford to invest for now i want to learn if i will be able to put up a viable rig out from scratch (from my laptoo) or it is impossible and that i really need to fund it to start mining.

sorry for the bad english but i hope you would understand what i am trying to say.

thanks in advance!

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Steven Hay answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Jay,
I think your first stop should be our article on this subject of Bitcoin mining profitability:
Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to make any profit mining Bitcoin on a home computer, or even a fast graphics card. You will pay more in electricity than you earn in Bitcoin.
There are however other coins around which are more profitable to mine. I’m not sure if you’d make any profit, it depends on the specs of your system, your power costs and other factors such as the coin’s price and difficulty, but you’d lose less…
Check out our guide to mining Monero, that’s one of the better CPU-mineable coins around:

How to Mine Monero on Your PC: A Beginner’s Guide to XMR Mining

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