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Paul Sykes asked 1 week ago

I am using a bitcoin miner app from the Googleplay site it pays out at 500,000 satoshi  (which I have requested payment for just the once nearly reached my 2nd request )
My issue is i have not received a payment for the first request which is supposed to be paid into my PayPal account .
Is there any way I can complain about this app as it is starting to look as if it is a scam at the time I requested payment 500,000 satoshi was £73+ using your converter . (Which I 1000% trust) also is there any trusted miner apps out there  (for Android smartphones )that I can be directed to and pay out to PayPal or would I have to acquire a “WALLET”. Thank you for your help as I am a total newbie at this .
Paul sykes.

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Steven Hay answered 1 week ago

Hi Paul,
Yes, unfortunately this does sound like a complete scam. Why would a Bitcoin miner pay you via PayPal and why would it give you free money? It just doesn’t make sense. I suggest downvoting the app on the Play store and reporting it, if the Play store gives you the option to do so.
There’s no type of miner which can effectively run on the minimal resources of a smart phone, with perhaps the exception of the Electronium coin. I suggest checking that out as it had some sort of plan whereby people could “mine” using their cellphone. However, I’m not vouching for Electronium as an investment in any way, I’ve done very little research on them (but I have no reason to believe they’re an outright scam like this “miner app” you mention).

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