Bitcoin Mining

Pervej asked 3 weeks ago

I have joined in some facebook group. Those are about bitcoin earnings. Some people offers to mining with them. They said, All I have to keep 100$ or more in my wallet. No need to give wallet id or password just they need my email and the they will start mining for me. Is that SCAM? What will happen if I keep 100$ in my wallet and give them my email id?
Some also offers, binary trading like invest 100$ and get 1000$ after 1 week. Is that true?

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Steven Hay answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Pervej,
Well, I’m not sure about the first offer. It sounds dodgy. Is the wallet one which you downloaded from a reputable site like and have stored on your personal computer or device? If not, and especially if it’s some online wallet which you never created yourself, then they’ll probably just steal the money.
As for binary trading offers to 10x your money in a week, that sounds too good to be true – it’s almost certainly a scam.
Facebook is full of scams and nonsense when it comes to Bitcoin. I would avoid any offers which you find on Facebook.

pervej replied 3 weeks ago

thank you so much for your advice.