Bitcoin in South Africa

Geoff asked 8 months ago

I am restricted by Coinbase for example in buying and selling bitcoin because of foreign exchange laws in South Africa. Can you recommend someone whom I can buy and sell through in South Africa. Thanks Geoff

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 8 months ago

at the moment the only place I can think of is Local Bitcoins. You can probably find someone who will be willing to sell you there.

lambinobit replied 6 months ago

I’m in SA and I personally use localbitcoins for quick buys with cash atm deposits or national bank transfer, Paxful is also useful if you want to buy bitcoins with paypal, Netteller, skrill, gift cards or any other voucher or ewallet, coinmamma for visa and Mastercard purchases and also the BitX wallet & exchange offers bitcoin at almost market rate but you need to fully verify yourself with them and link your bank account, hope it helps

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