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Junny Jucar asked 4 weeks ago

Hi Ofir,
I have a bitcoin gold sitting in the freebitcoin site that needs to be withdrawn before 10 Of Jan, so ask to transfer it direct to an exchange Binance as a deposits. Is that mean that I lost it? As I can\’t see it reaching the Binance account. Any advise. Thanks Junnie

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Steven Hay answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Junny,
Hope you don’t mind my answering for Ofir.
OK, so you had bitcoins deposited on and they split them for you? So then you had bitcoins and bgold on… Then they told you that the bgold must be claimed before Jan 10 and you withdrew the bgold to a Binance address? Just checking I have the story straight.
Has given you a transaction id (txid) of your withdrawal? If so, you should be able to enter it into any bgold block explorer and see your transaction – if it exists. Can you check on that the address you withdrew the bgold to is your correct Binance address? Finally, please ensure that you withdrew bgold and not BTC (ie. real Bitcoin) to the Binance address.
If that doesn’t help, I suggest getting in touch with’s support.

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