Bitcoin Generator Tools – How genuine are they?

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Andrew Akika asked 6 months ago

I recently came across a number of Bitcoin Generating Tools and Bitcoin doublers  who claim to be
hackers. The generating tools and doublers hack different mining pools, while you are expected to
deposit a certain amount of bitcoins for you to receive the doubled sum of bitcoins. Some of them are:,, and etc, (as generators) while you have; clever-,, etc (as doublers). With your experience in this business, do
you think these are by any means legit or are they petty thieves or scammers. Please I need your expert
advice before I lose my money because there are so many of them out there.
Thanks for this opportunity.  

Honsby replied 1 week ago

With common sense one will ask this question. If the tool really hacks or generates as claimed, and the developers are sure of their functionality, why demand for a payment before withdrawal.

I should have expected that they program the tool such a way that it deducts the handling charge from the generated or doubled amount then payout the balance.

Instead, they prefer to collect from people first while their prospective scam candidate hopes endlessly for the doubled crypto.

This is nothing but the dumbest way to scam!

Hey y’all be smart.

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 6 months ago

I would not use any of the Bitcoin doubler or multiplier websites. They are either malicious or scams in my opinion. If you want a more thorough research tool please use our Bitcoin scam test.

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