Bitcoin Generator Tools – How genuine are they?

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Andrew Akika asked 4 months ago

I recently came across a number of Bitcoin Generating Tools and Bitcoin doublers  who claim to be
hackers. The generating tools and doublers hack different mining pools, while you are expected to
deposit a certain amount of bitcoins for you to receive the doubled sum of bitcoins. Some of them are:,, and etc, (as generators) while you have; clever-,, etc (as doublers). With your experience in this business, do
you think these are by any means legit or are they petty thieves or scammers. Please I need your expert
advice before I lose my money because there are so many of them out there.
Thanks for this opportunity.  

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Ofir Beigel Staff answered 4 months ago

I would not use any of the Bitcoin doubler or multiplier websites. They are either malicious or scams in my opinion. If you want a more thorough research tool please use our Bitcoin scam test.

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