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craig asked 3 months ago

Last updated on October 22nd, 2017 at 05:53 pm

can i leave my btc in my ledger nano s or do i have to move to a paper wallet for the Btc gold split

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Steven Hay answered 3 months ago

Hi Craig,
Bitcoin Gold have yet to reveal the details of their splitting method, unfortunately.
However, unless Ledger issue an update for the support of Bgold, it won’t be possible to claim it directly from the Nano. This is in contrast to how things worked for Bcash – both Ledger and Trezor issued updates to enable Bcash support.
One way to claim your Bgold would be to transfer your bitcoins from your Nano to an exchange or software wallet before the split occurs. However, this entails a fair degree of risk. Depending on the price Bgold trades at, it might not be worth the risk of moving your bitcoins to get Bgold.
I intend to write an article on this subject soon. Hopefully more solid information will be available then. Remember that there will be a one week gap from when the fork occurs to when trading opens on markets. This should be enough time to figure out a safe method for splitting the coins… However, there is a chance there won’t be any support for hardware wallets with this fork. I would say it’s best to hold your bitcoins safe rather than risk them chasing fork coins, unless you’re a technical expert.

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